Geoline Logistic Sp. o.o. is the result from the merger of two dynamically operating transport companies – Geos Slawomir Sobala and Cegbud Sp. j. Henryka, Elżbieta Sobala – operating on the market of transport services since 1995  and operating continuously till the 2005. This allowed for the creation of one of the largest transport companies in Lower Silesia region, which easily could be competitor on the transport market in Europe.

Geoline Logistic continues the family tradition and trying to put pressure on the expansion and modernization of their vehicles and the quality of all supply services in logistics process monitored by specialized staff . International freight forwarding, logistics and road transport it is our long tradition.
We cooperate with many forwarding companies in the Poland and abroad. Our vehicles are constantly present in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy.
We are the main link in the logistics process associated with shipping and transport for company “AB” S.A. which is one of the largest distributors of electronic components in Europe. We transport also for companies such as LG Electronics and Toshiba.
As the main partner in Poland for company Menke Spezial-Transporte GmbH, we are proud of specializing transport of building materials across the Europe. We also operate deliveries in all European Union for Roben Ceramika Budowlana Sp. o.o.
Confirmation of our competences in our activities is the fact that , as one of the first in Poland we obtained the Certificate of Professional Competence in international carriage of goods issued by the Motor Transport Institute in Warsaw.This allowed us to receive a License for the International Goods Transport to all Countries of the World.